About Me

As I said before, I'm a Computer Science Student at the University of Pittsburgh and the President of Pitt's Computer Science Club (Pitt CSC). Find out more about what we do at http://pittcsc.org

My interests are in the Internet of Things (IoT), Autonomous Vehicles (AV), UX, Product Research and Design, and Software Engineering. I have prior experience in Mobile, Web, front end development as well as Desktop application development through multiple internship opportunities. As of late, I've been very interested in the potential applications of technology in Civil Engineering, Urban Planning, and Transportation Systems.

I had the privilege of studying at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea for the Spring 2019 semester and am very interested in entrepreneurship opportunities in Korea. I am supplementing my Computer Science education with 4 years of Korean language in hopes of becoming fluent, as well as taking miscellaneous Korean cultural courses.

While I was in Korea, I obtained three Overall Assistance for Start-up Immigration System (OASIS) certifications for attending and passing courses related to startup management in Korea, intellectual property (IP) laws, Korean business culture, and so much more. The completion of these courses allows me to legally found a startup in Korea. This is an opportunity I am continually exploring the feasibility of.

At the current moment, I'm very interested in Product Management and Software Engineering internships! If you want to get in contact with me, don't hesitate to connect. I look forward to getting in touch with you.